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Voyage of Discovery

Acrylic on drywall
9’3” x 9’9” (2.9m x 3m)

City of Winnipeg, Community Services Department, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The St. Boniface Public Library mural is an allegory on the cultural role of the library through the passage of time. It takes the form of a computer monitor and keyboard, within which we embark on a voyage of discovery. The central element, the canoe, is given pride of place due to its major role in the history of the Red River Settlement. Flanked by the railroad track and the footpath, the flowing river symbolizes the changing role of the library as it responds to the changing needs of the community. The icons on the left serve as portals to the legacy of learning disseminated by the library. The books on the right illustrate the continued relevance of the traditional print medium. The words chosen for the keyboard reflect the library experience, which is one of creativity, imagination and life-long learning, a true voyage of discovery.

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